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Jiangsu fengze biological engineering equipment manufacturing co. ,Ltd. (Old name is Zhenjiang fengze biological engineering equipment manufacturing factory) was established in 1996. Specializing in the design and manufacturing of the automatic fermentation equipment, and research and development of the automatic reaction process control software.

Since the company was founded more than ten years, closely around the theme of the scientific and technological innovation, introduced all kinds of professional talents, established the perfect modern enterprise management system, effectively carried out marketing, economic benefit is the momentum of rapid growth. The products have been exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Ukraine, the Philippines and other countries and regions, and in 2002 our company got successfully the bid of the United Nations food and agriculture organization (FAO) fermentation equipment tendering purchasing. It was the precedent of fermentation equipment manufacturing enterprises in the country.

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Jiangsu fengze biological engineering equipment manufacturing co. ,Ltd is a professional manufacturer that is engaged in developing of automatic biochemical reaction process control system and designing, manufacturing, installing of automatic fermentation equipment. Our company has metalworking workshop, polishing workshop, container production workshop, electrical installation workshop and complete sets of equipment manufacturing installation workshop. We can manufacture FZ mechanical stirring, gas lift type, anaerobic type and other  series of bioreactor. Products are from 10L to 580 cubic fermentation tank, and variety specification is complete. In production, in strict accordance with the enterprise production and inspection standards, with standard production logistics and quality control system, can make sure the delivery products are quality products that are in conformity with the contract. Attention on the reference to domestic and foreign advanced management experience, combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, the full implementation of ERP system management, has obtained the good effect, and fully guarantee the effective implementation of the project.

In 2010, enterprise invested 45 million yuan, new requisition of 40 mu of land, a new modern large manufacturing workshop and modern auxiliary workshop, and fully digital management office were builded. We newly purchased more than 50 sets all kinds of numerical control class equipment, to transform technologically the original production equipments. Focus on digging the potential and reduce the energy consumption of the original equipment, reduced the energy consumption of the raw material, and greatly improved the equipment capacity, achieved good economic and social benefits.



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